List of Clients & Projects

  1. Saudi Electri Co. (Madina Power Plant)
  2. Al Rajhi Steel /AF.
  3. Bin Dawood and Danube Groups.
  4. Dhahran Air base Hospital.
  5. Saudi Binladen Group.
  6. Mubarak Al Ghuthmi.
  7. King Abdul Aziz Hospital, Makkah.
  8. Ummul Qura University.
  9. Al Kawther industries.
  10. Al Zaher Hospital, Makkah.
  11. Ministry of Health - Bisha 100 beds Maternity Hospital.
  12. Thalath Ibrahim Al-Laami for steel hangers.
  13. HRH Prince Matub Bin Abdul Aziz Khairia Project, Makkah.
  14. Darul Qibla Project in Madina.
  15. Yansab Company Project.
  16. Shoaiba Tahila Plant.
  17. King Saud Bin Abdulaziz Mosque.
  18. HRM King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Palace Basement in Makkah.
  19. Jamjoom Medical Factory.
  20. Pizza Hut Head Office, Main Office, 3 Other Branches & Shaker Compound.
  21. Al Waha Resturant 5 Branches, Al Madina Munawarah.
  22. AI Gazzaz Company Showroom at Khayat Commercial Center.
  23. Sheikh Kamel Sindy Office at Dalah Company.
  24. HRH Princess Nora Palace, Jeddah.
  25. Sheikh Hisham Hafiz Villa.
  26. Arabian Homes Compound Restaurant and also did all over renovation.
  27. Toyota Showroom, Abha.
  28. Al Baik 3 Branches and Main Kitchen, Jeddah.
  29. Fine Factory Extension, housing and Canteen, Jeddah.
  30. Sugar Factory, Jeddah.
  31. Taiba University, Al Madinah Munawarah.
  32. Andalus School, Jeddah
  33. Najran Govt.Hospital, Najran.
  34. Madina Power Plant.
  35. Batterjee Medical College.
  36. Medical College Al Jouf.
  37. Acommodations Villas Proiect in Yanbu.






7+ Years of Experience

With in a short time about seven years ago AKS has estabished itself as one of the leading companies in the execution of large and diverse construction industrial, mechanical and telecommunication project. AKS provides high-grade services in field of civil, electrical, mechanical, structural and telecommunication work to its client that include a diverse secion of the ever-growing industries in Saudi Arabia. The key to AKS success has beem the commitment to deliver peojection time and to the highest international standers with the professional experienced, mutinational and devoted work force coupled with progressive management AKS is contracting the better future.